Interfilk guest @ Conflikt 2020!

Gepostet am: Jan 24, 2020 9:56:35 PM

I'm am proud and honored to be the Interfilk guest at Conflikt 2020.

Together with wonderful Sunnie and Betsy, I do a concert on Saturday. As always, I hope for a good participation from the audience. I attached the Audience Sheet in case you didn't get a copy.

In addition, I'll do a recorder and tin whistle workshop:

Apart from the voice, there are few instruments which are so directly connected to your breath and body. Often underrated as beginner's instruments, it's a long way from the first noise to a colorful and expressive sound. In this workshop, we meet various types of recorders and whistles, which share the principle of sound creation, but vary a lot in terms of playing styles and sound color. We also discuss the roles that they can take in improvised folk and filk music for both beginners and advanced players.

Only a few hours before the Convention starts .... I'm sooo excited!