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Down, down

English version of Down, down

Down, Down

TTTO: Down, Down (Petula Clark)
Text: Fermata Sagensang

When you're alone and you just want to go online
your connection is - down, down
You're in a hurry, all you need is this email
But the server is - down, down

There's nothing you can do about it, this is Murphys Law
When ever you just need it most, there always is a flaw
In someone's code

Computers are only there
to solve the problems we never
would have without them

They go

Down, down, you get a 500 (five-o-o)
Down, down, what are you waiting for?
Down, down, sorry, the server is down.

Down, down. Down, down.

I know, it's cold. But I can't turn on the heating,
cause my  smart home is down, down.
Want to go shopping, but they can't take my money,
cause their check-out went down, down.

We are all just servants of defective electronics
Bread and circus if it works, if not: Don't panic!
Plug and pray.

I don't like the modern planes
cause if the software is crashing,
we all do the same, we go

Down, down, please have a pleasant flight
Down, down, sure it will be alright,
Down, down, somehow or other you're down.

Down, down. Down, down.

Daniela Festi,
28.03.2020, 08:56